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Presenting your inventory professionally, whether on your own website or online advertising sites, can make a big difference in your enquiry rate. Studies in vehicle photography show that 90% of car buyers consider photos extremely important and 40% of consumers are likely to purchase a vehicle based on images they view online without seeing the vehicle in person! The number of photos per vehicle also has an impact on the engagement your customers will have on your website specifically at the vehicle detail page level.

From a fully managed professional photography service to self-service photography via our Auto360° app, our services and products ensure that your vehicles are presented professionally, with minimum time and effort required by dealership staff.

Main photography features


You choose the number of images per vehicle, location, the frequency of visits and day of the week

Suited for all dealership sizes

Suitable for dealerships with high, medium and low stock volumes. From 25 to up to 40 photos per car, the choice is yours

Plan your sessions

Scheduled photography days allow you to prepare your vehicles to maximise your photography session

Brand compliant

We can create photography standards to suit your brand

Excellent support

Enjoy peace of mind with our local phone and email support to answer any question you might have

Flexible service

Our services are flexible and can be extended to include moving your stock and content creation

Level up your vehicle photography with 360° images

Capture every angle of your vehicle in minutes with our 360° images and video technology. Our app combines the creation of a branded video, 360° interior and exterior images with direct linking to vehicle stock.
Auto360° enables franchise and used car dealerships to create and upload 360° images and videos directly to their websites and used vehicle portals among many other features.

Discover more

Enhance your vehicle inventory with digital backgrounds

Add Luxe, our digital photography backgrounds, to your photography service to create value in the mind of vehicle shoppers. By having high-quality photos on your website and online advertisers, you can motivate future car buyers to stop, look and ultimately buy your vehicles.

Key Features

  • Achieve a greater level of consistency by showcasing your vehicle inventory with the same backgrounds
  • We have a range of photography backgrounds allowing you to personalise your stock. Choose from our standard or premium options.
  • Eliminate distracting elements in your vehicle photos, such as your competitor’s branding or your customers, is now a thing of the past. Luxe emphasises what matters most – your vehicles.

Photo Manager

Our Photo Manager allows you to edit your vehicle photos according to your needs by using simple editing tools to brighten, adjust contrast, crop, name and resize your vehicle images.

Key Features

  • It allows you to upload your photos at once to multiple advertising destinations.
  • Includes comprehensive photo editing tools allowing you to brighten, adjust contrast, rotate and crop your vehicle photos to meet your requirements
  • Photo Manager integrates with SmartPublisher, our inventory management platform to automatically publish your photos to your Cox Automotive website and supported online advertisers.

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