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Our Finance and Aftermarket platform is designed for auto dealers wanting to offer and manage regulatory compliance, increase finance penetration, and drive revenue via a holistic system fully integrated with several finance and insurance providers.

We are not financiers or insurers. We provide you with the technology and connections you need to integrate your DMS with Australia’s major finance, insurance, and warranty providers, to ensure you always have the right solution for your customers in terms of finance and aftermarket products.

With a wide range of functions, Cox Automotive’s dealer finance solution removes the hassle of data re-entry and provides a complete end-to-end platform so you can streamline your sales process to meet customer needs and optimise your business.

30+ Integration partners in one Finance and Aftermarket solution

DMS integration 

Real-time DMS integration removes data re-entry and drives efficiency

Fully integrated

Australia’s No.1 dealership finance platform with 30+ financier and insurer integrations

NCCP compliant process 

We look after all your lending obligations under the NCCP with our fully compliant and auditable process

Real financier integration

Our finance platform features real financier integration, API-integrated risk-based pricing, pre-approvals and real-time digital finance application

Smart tools 

Menu selling, finance calculators, product explanations, customer portals, e-signature, document storage, notes, tasks & files

Comprehensive reporting suite 

Manage accounting and financial reporting in real-time with our automated reporting suite. See your reports update live via our extensive integration set

Build client relationships like never before

Our finance platform provides you with the tools and techniques for the seamless selling of finance and insurance products. It helps your dealership and OEM drive the end-to-end strategy, people, processes, and technology transformation required to adapt and win in today’s environment successfully.

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Customers using our platform experience on average

Increase in finance penetration

Less discounting on interest rates

Saved per application

Win more sales with Aftermarket

Aftermarket, our highly engaging customer journey helps your team influence upselling opportunities to drive product sales and revenue growth. As your dealership grows, you need a team of experts that understands your business and what you’re trying to achieve.

  • Real-time notification of every vehicle sale
  • Product tours include photos, videos and detailed descriptions
  • Build custom presentations based on what customers are most interested in purchasing
  • Generate contracts and capture the customer’s signature electronically
  • Full DMS and third-party integrations, removing the need for repetitive data entry
  • Complete dealership management with built-in reporting and profitability management
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We have the network, resources and technology to help you exceed your goals.

With no lock-in contracts and a transparent agreement, you can enjoy multiple benefits like:

  • An unbiased system that is fully integrated with major providers in the automotive industry.
  • Process all your finance applications, insurance and warranties under one single login.
  • Our logs hold all information from the application, including commissions, making balancing tasks a breeze every month.
  • Access to our connected portfolio of digital retailing products like websites, email marketing, and lead management system, which seamlessly feed deal cards directly to our Finance and Aftermarket platform, including those from your DMS and Carsales.
  • For aftermarket products, your team will enjoy a highly engaging customer journey that helps them influence upselling opportunities with your customers.
  • Local expert training and support from compliance to marketing with your dedicated account manager.
  • Get hours back! Our connected and integrated system also means saying goodbye to re-entering your customers’ data and uploading documents in multiple systems. Once we capture them once, they will flow through our communication flow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is dealership finance software?

Our car finance and after-sales software, manages regulatory compliance, increases your finance penetration, and drives revenue via one comprehensive system. The Finance and Aftermarket platform will help streamline your back-end processes, eliminate the hassle of data re-entry and provide a complete end-to-end finance solution. This will help you better serve your customers while enhancing your sales process and profit margins.

What are the benefits of using Cox Automotive’s dealership finance and aftermarket platform?

The Cox Automotive dealer finance platform provides dealers with a software package that integrates with a wide panel of lenders and aftermarket providers, allowing them to increase finance penetration and manage regulatory compliance. Some of the benefits include:


  • Integration partners in one finance and aftermarket solution – Our holistic platform connects multiple lenders in the auto industry from around Australia, helping dealerships find the right finance options for their customers. It also allows dealers to quickly resubmit a finance application to another lender if the first application is denied. Allowing dealerships to retain that customer and prevent them from going elsewhere and increasing aftermarket sales opportunities. 
  • Save time – Say goodbye to re-entering customers’ data and uploading documents to multiple systems. Our platform integrates with your DMS to remove data re-entry and drive efficiency. Dealerships can save up to 30 mins per application.  

Smart tools – Our Finance and Aftermarket platform offer a range of smart tools for the seamless selling of finance and insurance products. These tools will help your dealership drive finance penetration and build client relationships so your business can succeed in the current competitive market.

How many lenders can I access with Cox Automotive’s aftermarket finance solutions?

With access to a growing list of 30-plus car finance, after-sales lenders and insurers, you can quickly generate tailored financial scores (quotes) to keep your customers on your side. Leveraging targeted data, you can deliver a personalised service to your customers that they can only find with your dealership, while enhancing your finance penetration.

How does this dealership finance solution streamline my business?

Our Finance and Aftermarket platform allows you to connect your customer leads to your sales process from the moment they interact with your business. Whether that is via your website, or in person at your dealership. Our dealership finance platform integrates with your DMS so you can create a frictionless environment that saves time to serve your customers better. 

What after-sales car finance benefits does this platform offer?

Acting as your best support system, our dealership finance platform will tie your after-sales and after-market product together, so you can capitalise on more opportunities. Your team will have access to a highly engaging customer journey that is designed to help influence upselling and increase your product sales and revenue. 

Do you provide customer service for your software?

Yes, and always. When connected to our finance platforms, dealerships can benefit from a dedicated account manager who will become very familiar with your business and needs. By maintaining a relationship with your dealership, we can ensure your business can effectively manage your marketing and compliance functions through training and open communication channels.

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