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AutoRadar delivers intelligent market insights with an inventory analysis tool, a live market view and vehicle valuations that allow you to optimise your used car pricing strategy.

Our meaningful inventory analysis allows you to compare how the age, kilometres and advertised price of your inventory is positioned in relation to your competition.

Intelligent insights with real-time listing volume and auction, trade-in and advertising price per state allow you to make informed decisions for your dealership.

Easily accessible via Cox Automotive’s online dashboard across all types of devices, Cox Automotive’s used-car market insights platform,  AutoRadar, gives you comprehensive access to tap into key automotive industry insights to ensure that your used car pricing and advertising strategies are optimised to drive leads and revenue. With a wide overview of your inventory to compare against the broader market, you can more effectively position your pricing to reflect a vehicle’s market value.

Level up your digital retailing with unique software solutions to lead your sales process with more clarity and confidence. Our AutoRadar platform allows you to draw from clear and complete dealership market trends to support your vehicle valuations, measure current demand and measure the market position of your stock.

Want to give your dealership a competitive advantage? Contact Cox Automotive today and empower your backend processes with our targeted products and services. From lead generation to instant trade-in offers and data-rich used-car insights, we can help your dealership stay ahead of competitors and drive leads and revenue.

Key Features

AutoRadar leverages pricing data on auction, trade-in and typical asking price to support pricing decisions

Easily accessed via our online dashboard and it’s optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile devices

Discover actionable insights on your inventory regardless of which advertising destination it is listed on

No lock-in contracts & highly competitive pricing

Market Insights

Discover current market trends under the Market Insights module of AutoRadar.

In here, you can search any make model variant to see how it sits in the market and find the number of similar vehicles listed online with average km, days listed, days supply and advertised price (excl. Gov Charges).

We show relevant auction, trade-in and dealer asking price for each make model variant. To further support pricing decisions, the odometer adjusted pricing is also displayed.

You can also access insights on the most popular buyer searches on make, model and keywords for you to utilize when making stocking decisions for your dealership.

Inventory Analysis

Clear graphics and interactive colour displays allow you to quickly understand your total vehicles in stock and how your inventory compares against the market. Find insights for a single location or roll up to give you a view of all locations in your dealer group. 

Under the Inventory Age section, you can see a breakdown of days in Inventory and discover for each ‘age bucket’ how those vehicles sit over, within or below the average market advertised price. 

Vehicle Analysis

Access a detailed view of any particular vehicle in your inventory. We list all of the similar vehicles in your region allowing you to easily compare odometer, advertised price, days in inventory and pricing change history.

A scatter graph view is also available to easily see how your current vehicle sits against the competitive set. AutoRadar is integrated directly with our inventory management dashboard allowing you to edit all relevant details on that vehicle in one easy to use platform. 

Make informed decisions with Kelley Blue Book valuations.

Powered by Kelley Blue Book, you can select a vehicle from our intelligent search filter, or perform a Rego or VIN search to identify the car you want to value.  We provide state-based valuations and adjustments based on kilometres, vehicle condition, optional equipment and packs to provide you with real-time, market-relevant Kelley Blue Book values.

Current market listings and even those that have been delisted are available. You can easily save a valuation and retrieve it later at auction or when a customer returns to complete a trade-in.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does market insights help dealerships?

AutoRadar enables your dealership to capture and segment a real-time snapshot of the entire market. With a clear overview of marketing data insights, automotive retailing and inventory effectiveness, you can create a dynamic user car pricing strategy that gives your dealership a competitive advantage.

How does AutoRadar assist dealerships in optimising their pricing strategy?

AutoRadar gives you an intuitive end-to-end platform to support your sales process by quantifying a vast range of metrics, including dealership market trends, the average time a model takes to sell, the trade-in and auction value and typical asking price against a vehicle’s mileage and age.

Can AutoRadar help your dealership stay competitive?

AutoRadar not only assists with optimising your pricing strategy but also helps you measure demand. The market insights model gives you an overview of the vehicles that are currently most desired so you can ensure your dealership is stocked with cars that buyers are looking for. With our unique software platform and dealer insights, you can generate the data you need in black and white to maintain competitiveness and drive leads to your dealership.

Why choose Cox Automotive's market insights software?

Cox Automotive delivers a complete, end-to-end software solution that seamlessly integrates into your sales process. The online dashboard makes it easily accessible and is optimised for smartphones, desktop and tablets, you can generate the latest automotive industry and used car insights from the car yard to the showroom floor.

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