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Acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer. Increasing customer retention by 5% can increase profits from 25-95%. The success rate of selling to a customer you already have is 60-70% while selling to a new customer is 5-20%.  With Lifecycle, car buyers can log in to find useful information and communications throughout the period of vehicle ownership whilst you increase your chances to have repeated business from them.

Whether you’re a dealer group, franchise or used-car dealer, the most powerful thing you can do, to guarantee ongoing success, is to keep the customers you already have!

  • Every customer gets access to their own personalised portal 
  • Send personalised communications to every contact – automatically. 
  • Car buyers can access their vehicle and purchase details 24/7 
  • Allow buyers to book their next service appointment with you
  • Enable your customers to easily renew their registration and insurance  
  • Car buyers can have access to their financial details and process their next payment 
  • Streamline your customer’s communication with you for their next purchase through sales, finance, and trade-in tools  
  • Keep your customers wanting more by sending timely and relevant emails to meet their future requirements  
  • Lifecycle powers car owners to search for their next upgrade, receive quotes and book test drives 

Staying connected with your customers has never been so easy!

Once you have set a vehicle as Sold in your DMS, an entry will be made in the Lifecycle dashboard for you to send the portal login to your customer via an SMS, Email or by generating a QR code that you can print out when they arrive to pick up their vehicle.

Manage all your settings in Lifecycle from our dashboard

Search by Name, Rego, Vehicle Details or Date of Purchase with the certainty that all details are directly from your DMS.  You can also find customers according to their current Lifecycle status. 

Drive more revenue for your business

Lifecycle features reminder emails at key points in your customers’ vehicle ownership to encourage them to: 

  • Review your dealership on Google Reviews 
  • Book their first and following services 
  • Learn about the latest vehicle offers 
  • Enjoy ‘Refer a Friend’ rewards programs 
  • Key MVI & Rego renewal reminders and much more!

Bring your customer back for their next vehicle

When your customers use Lifecycle, you have access to the following interactions empowering your sales team to continue their engagement with their customers.

  • Book my service 
  • Value my trade-in 
  • Sell my car 
  • Request new car quote 
  • New finance quote 
  • Get Pre-Approved 
  • Request payout 
  • Apply for finance 
  • Search for my next car 
  • Test Drive my next car 

Ready to get started?

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