With the demand for used and new cars increasing, dealers face unprecedented challenges getting used cars to resell on the market. Combined with a more digitised world where consumers want to instantly know the value of their car, Instant Offer is for dealer groups, franchises and small distributors who wish to improve their trade-in process and offer a much friendlier experience to their customers.

Through an intuitive and easy-to-use online experience, your customers can find the value of their car on your website and obtain a guaranteed offer from you and feel confident in taking the next step.

Instant Offer provides peace of mind that the trade-in value you present online is fair, with you retaining ultimate control to deliver the expected return on investment.

Level up your trade-in valuations with Instant Offer

Improved customer satisfaction

Deliver a greater experience giving more certainty to your customers with their trade-in valuations

Qualified sellers

Increase sales by engaging with qualified sellers ready to purchase

Keep control

Keep total control of pricing adjustments and offers according to your pricing parameters

Set your own rules

Extensive pricing criteria including load, body interior, service history, vehicle profile and more

Seamless integration

Seamlessly displays on your website via our Connect tool or through a call-to-action on any page of your website

Go digital

Stay relevant in the market by offering smart digital retailing tools to your customers directly on your website

Include Instant Offer in your stock acquisition strategy

Include Instant Offer in your stock acquisition strategy and leverage your digital advertising spend to create a holistic strategy that works. Here's why:

25% of consumers want to
start their journey online

42% of consumers plan to
sell their car privately

61% of all trade-in leads
are valuation leads

Instant Offer works in three simple steps

Activation and setup

Our team set up Instant Offer in your dealer dashboard so that you can activate a set of rules according to your business goals and offer configuration.

Instant Offer is live

Once configured, the Instant Offer tool will appear on your website either as part of our Connect tools or as a call-to-action button to be used across any page on your website.

Get ready to offer

The next time customers visit your website, they’ll be able to enter their registration, and vehicle details, answer your specific questions and click the “Get My Offer” button for your instant offer. Now, it is up to them to accept or reject it.

Get Started

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the offer legally binding?

No, all offers are subject to inspection by the dealer.

Can I Exclude certain makes/models?

Yes, Dealers can control exclusion lists and age/KM bands.

What if the market shifts, can I control the price?

Yes, we provide an interface for you to take immediate control of how aggressive/conservative offers are in real-time.

Can I tweak pricing and add/exclude vehicles?

Yes, Instant Offer gives you total control of pricing adjustments and offers according to your pricing strategy. You can easily adjust pricing based on specific make and model.

In addition, you can exclude vehicles that you do not wish to acquire.

Do I need to change the prices manually?

No. We have a proprietary forecast model that generates vehicle values reflecting the current market conditions. Our data team also reviews and refines the model and pricing.

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